Oakville's Best French Summer Day Camp

Why Choose Our French Summer Day Camp?

Summer is the perfect time for kids to continue their French studies outside of the classroom setting.

Our French Camp will make your child love learning French! We offer an immersive and fun environment with engaging activities where children can build speaking confidence, develop new skills, broaden their horizons and make new friends.

Our amazing counselors play a key role in making our camps safe, fun, and exciting for campers. With a full staff ratio of 1 counselor to every 5 campers for the younger kids and 1:8 for the older kids, LPE French Summer Day Camp is set up to provide each camper with the attention and care they deserve.

From our talented year-round team to our summer staff made up of teachers, education school grads, school and college athletic coaches and artists, we take care in finding the most qualified and dedicated people to become counselors and instructors.

All of our staff members are fluent French speakers and most are native speakers… from all over the world.

What unites us all is not just our ability to speak a common language but our genuine love for children and our dedication to make sure our campers have the time of their lives while at camp!